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The Minerals from the Sacred Spring

About 100 million years ago this prehistoric mineral rich rainforest became
covered and preserved by sandstone and a layer of clay, resulting in a rich
preserved source of over 72 plant derived minerals.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

T. J. Clark Phytogenic Mineral Formula developed from plant-source minerals
specifically to supplement the balance of the
body's natural chemical production.

T.J. Clark Minerals - The Miracle Mine.

T.J. Clark Minerals were tested in Germany by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a Nobel Prize nominee in biophysics.
His test revealed that the product increased the life (electrical) energy output
of cells beyond what had previously been established as optimum..

T.J. Clark Quality

A time-tested, health renewing mineral formula developed from a prehistoric
plant-source contains up 72 of the naturally occurring elements.

Scientific Proof

The U.S. Department of Interior certified that our prehistoric rainforest, covered and preserved in Central Utah, USA is between 60 and 127 million years old.

T.J. Clark´s Success Stories

Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

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Liquids Are Better

T.J. Clark Colloidal Minerals

Legendary Phytogenic Colloidal Mineral Formula contains up to 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in an exclusive phytogenic blend, derived from our authentic source of prehistoric plant deposits. Includes not only, all of the major minerals, but also the full spectrum of micronutrients and trace elements that are so important to health but may be lacking from today's average diet.

Supplement Facts

Amount per serving: 1 Tablespoon (15ml)

Number of servings: 32

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